• A trio of bald spots – at least the Sennheiser’s help to cover mine slightly…….
    I did see your banner mysteriously make its way around the 1st floor of the show then disappear.
    Cable Co’s has excellent idea w/ headphone lending library.
    Philharmonic & Paolo, and Woo Audio highlights of the show for me. All USA made boutique outfits. Unfortunately ran out of time to hit most of the 3rd floor…….

  • I have a great cure for being dissed in any way, relocated, talked about poorly, or insulted, in the high end audio world, especially at shows.
    I am going to buy your Part Time Audiophile flask fill it with a nice French Cognac and have it on my person for all future shows!

    • Here is a link to the flask in the Shameless Commerce Division of the Part Time Audiophile. When will they be in stock? Looks like others have beaten me to the idea and bought them all up already!

      • Part-Time Audiophile

        I have no idea — but thanks for the thought, and the support!

  • Scot, Nice banner! Please get a good listen to GT Audio Works GTA2 speakers in 319, standout sound at an affordable price. I thought Deja Vu, Tidal, Philharmonic, DC DIY, Mapleshade, Zu, and Volti all had great sound. It was nice meeting you in person, I ran into you Friday afternoon as you got to the 3rd floor and we talked about Tekton. Have a great time at the show.

    • Part-Time Audiophile

      Kemper — great to meet you too! Lots of interesting things at the show, no? 😉