1. A trio of bald spots – at least the Sennheiser’s help to cover mine slightly…….
    I did see your banner mysteriously make its way around the 1st floor of the show then disappear.
    Cable Co’s has excellent idea w/ headphone lending library.
    Philharmonic & Paolo, and Woo Audio highlights of the show for me. All USA made boutique outfits. Unfortunately ran out of time to hit most of the 3rd floor…….

  2. I have a great cure for being dissed in any way, relocated, talked about poorly, or insulted, in the high end audio world, especially at shows.
    I am going to buy your Part Time Audiophile flask fill it with a nice French Cognac and have it on my person for all future shows!

  3. Scot, Nice banner! Please get a good listen to GT Audio Works GTA2 speakers in 319, standout sound at an affordable price. I thought Deja Vu, Tidal, Philharmonic, DC DIY, Mapleshade, Zu, and Volti all had great sound. It was nice meeting you in person, I ran into you Friday afternoon as you got to the 3rd floor and we talked about Tekton. Have a great time at the show.

    • Kemper — great to meet you too! Lots of interesting things at the show, no? 😉

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