1. That wasn’t Paul Kittinger demoing in the Philharmonic room, that was Dennis Murphy. Dennis does all of the crossover design work for Salk Sound. Paul designs the TL cabinets for Salk. Dennis started Philharmonic last year and has gotten great reviews on his speakers, of which Paul did provide the TL cabinet design for Dennis.

  2. Enjoyed the initial write-up on Enjoy the Music. Don’t know if you were in the Polk room when they hooked up their $1,500/pair mini monitors, but they were really, really good. I had a really enjoyable talk with them and agree that it’s great they support this show. For me the show’s most pleasant surprise.

    • I know, right? Crazy — and awesome — of them to be there with bells on. And yes, those little guys are great. The big ones are no slouch either. 😉

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