RMAF 2012, the lineup from h-e-doublehockeysticks

[Editor’s note: Lighten up, people. This post discusses a logistical challenge facing any and every single attendee planning to make it to RMAF this year. It’s not intended to insult anyone, either their capacities or their dedication. It’s also not in any way a slam on the organizers, their helpers, their staff, their friends, family or loved ones. It’s also not a slam on the venue, the vendors, or Denver as a city. For the record, the editor has a repeatedly expressed abject love and wild appreciation for this particular audio show, which is the best of its kind, bar none. In case you missed it, no disrespect is intended. To anyone. Cool? Fine. I’ve since added the editorial comments, below, to highlight the humorous nature of the challenge below in case that wasn’t apparent in the original text. Move along. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.]

Not sure if any of you are heading to RMAF this year and have plans to make it to every single display and every single room, but on the off-chance you are and do, you’re pretty much screwed.

I’m told that there are 174 display rooms. One hundred and seventy-four. And in case you were wondering, there’s 2.5 days to the show. Starting to see the problem? Yeah. Let’s do the math. Assuming it takes 1 minute to get to “the next room” and 5 minutes to travel from floor to floor, that’s 174 minutes room-to-room and 45 minutes of floor-to-floor travel time. There’s 1,320 minutes in 22 hours, and taking out the travel time, that leaves 1101 minutes for listening. At 174 rooms, that’s 6 minutes per room.

If you see me at the show and I’m sitting, it means I’ve given up hearing every single room. Yes, I know, that’s the point of doing an audio show my way, but I’m not sure it’s feasible here. I’m telling you this, in part, as an apology in advance — and because I still hope to do it anyway, but now since the expectations are so low, anything I do will appear miraculous and superlative. Which it is. Which it always is. [Cough].

Here’s the current room roster:

Marriott Tower

Level 11

  1. 1100 Living Sounds Audio, Exemplar Audio
  2. 1102 Bud Fried
  3. 1104 Resonessence Labs
  4. 1107 Salk Sound, Audio by Van Alstine
  5. *1110 Rogers High Fidelity
  6. *1113 Trenner & Friedl Loudspeakers, Heed Audio, Unison Research, Opera Loudspeakers
  7. 1114 KT Audio Imports, Eventus Audio S.r.l, triangle art turntable, NAT Audio
  8. 1117 Zesto Audio, WyWires, LLC, TAD, Tri-Planar, Merrill-Williams Audio
  9. 1118 Induction Dynamics
  10. 1121 Audio Feast, Stillpoints LLC, Zilplex, Mike Tang Audio, Ten Thousand Waves/Floating World, Exemplar Audio, Feastrex, McAUDI
  11. 1122 Lawrence Audio
  12. *1125 The Sound Environment, Rockport Technologies, Transparent Audio, Inc., Playback Designs, Balanced Audio Technology
  13. 1126 Xact Audio, Schröder Tonearms
  14. 1130 MBL North America, Inc.

Level 10

  1. 1000 Benchmark Media Systems
  2. 1002 GamuT Audio USA
  3. 1004 fal co.,Ltd
  4. 1007 VELOCE AUDIO, YG, Kubala-Sosna
  5. *1009 Triode Corporation Ltd. – Japan, Acoustic Zen
  6. 1010 EnKlein Systems, Sutherland Engineering, Merrill-Williams Audio
  7. 1013 Audio Research Corporation, PS Audio, McIntosh laboratory inc., Mark Levinson, TAD
  8. 1013 TAD
  9. *1014 Light Harmonic, Von Schweikert Audio, MIT Cables
  10. *1017 Emerald Physics, Spatial Computer LLC
  11. *1018 Bricasti Design ltd., Kimber Kable
  12. 1021 WYRED 4 SOUND
  13. *1022 Antelope Audio, KR Audio Electronics s.r.o.
  14. *1025 German Physiks
  15. *1026 Sjöfn HiFi
  16. *1030 deHavilland Electric Amplifier Co., Wilson Benesch Ltd., Bricasti Design ltd., Zesto Audio

Level 9

  1. *9000 Odyssey, GIK Acoustics
  2. 9002 Ayre Acoustics
  3. 9004 AudioQuest, Lyra Analog
  4. *9007 Wavelength Audio, ltd., Vaughn Loudspeakers
  5. 9009 Plinius USA, Analysis Plus, Eficion LLC
  6. 9010 PranaFidelity, Musical Concepts/Musical Design
  7. 9013 Denver Audio Designs, THIEL Audio, Straight Wire, Aragon
  8. 9014 Merlin Music Systems, Ars-Sonum, Cardas Audio LLC
  9. 9017 Denver Audio Designs, Arcam, Tributaries, Kevro/Monitor Audio
  10. 9018 TEMPO HIGH FIDELITY, dCS North America, Musical Fidelity, Verity Audio
  11. 9021 Wisdom Audio
  12. 9022 Audio Research Corporation, AudioQuest, Vandersteen Audio, Inc.
  13. 9025 Fidelis distribution
  14. 9026 Doshi Audio/Paragon Sound, Harmonic Resolution Systems, Inc.
  15. 9030 Audio Research Corporation, AudioQuest, Vandersteen Audio, Inc., AMG

Level 8

  1. 8000 Usher Audio, JPS Labs, Puget Sound Studios, Abyss Headphones
  2. 8002 Hear No Evil, McIntosh laboratory inc., Clarus, KEF
  3. 8004 HEGEL, THIEL Audio
  4. 8006 HEGEL
  5. 8007 Hear No Evil, KEF, Kimber Kable, McIntosh laboratory inc.
  6. 8012 Hear No Evil, Kimber Kable, McIntosh laboratory inc., MartinLogan Ltd.
  7. 8013 ListenUp, Bowers and Wilkins, AudioQuest, Rotel
  8. 8016 ListenUp, Simaudio Ltd., Sonus Faber, Pro-Ject Audio Systems
  9. 8017 ListenUp, PSB Loudspeakers, NAD Electronics, AudioQuest
  10. 8020 Ologe Acoustic
  11. 8021 ListenUp, McIntosh laboratory inc., AudioQuest, Sonus Faber
  12. 8022 Ologe Acoustic, BogdanAudioCreations
  13. 8025 ADAM Audio GmbH, Cary Audio
  15. 8030 McIntosh laboratory inc.
  16. 8032 Cardas Audio LLC

Level 2

  1. 2000 Jolida, Inc., Von Schweikert Audio, Your Final System
  2. 2002 Avalon Acoustics, Jeff Rowland Design Group, Inc.
  3. 2004 TAD
  4. 2007 BRODMANN Acoustics, Electrocompaniet Inc.
  5. 2009 Audio Prana, Rethm Loudspeakers, Trenner & Friedl Loudspeakers, Audience, LLC
  6. 2010 MIT Cables
  7. 2012 MIT Cables
  8. 2013 Audio Prana, Trenner & Friedl Loudspeakers, MG Audio Design, LLC, Rethm Loudspeakers
  9. 2016 Century Audio Inc., EMM Labs Inc.
  10. 2017 AudioEvo.org
  11. 2020 Burmester of North America
  12. 2021 Nola Speakers (Accent)
  13. *2024 GR Research, Dodd Audio, PI audio group, LLC, dB Audio Labs, Triode Wire Labs, Inc.
  14. 2030 VTL Amplifiers, Inc.
  15. 2030 Wilson Audio, dCS North America, Transparent Audio, Inc.

Marriott Mezzanine Level

  1. Crestone Peak: Musical Surroundings, Aesthetix, Focal
  2. Blanca Peak: Accuphase, Focal, Running Springs Audio, Soulution
  3. *Humboldt Peak: Nordost, Raidho
  4. Longs Peak: Tweek Geek, Luxman
  5. Maroon Peak: Peachtree Audio, Zu Audio
  6. Pikes Peak: Laufer Teknik, Silver Circle Audio, Audio Power Labs, Leonardo Speakers

Marriott Main Lobby

  1. Bluebell: Analysis Audio, Arion Audio, VPI, EMM Labs
  2. Conifer 1: Esoteric/TEAC, Cabasse
  3. Conifer 3: Focal, Cambridge, Audio, VPI
  4. Evergreen Ballroom A: Legacy Audio, Ayon Audio, Lumenwhite
  5. Evergreen Ballroom E: IsoMike
  6. Evergreen Ballroom F: IsoMike
  7. *Iris: ModWright Instruments, Inc., Daedalus Audio, WyWires
  8. Larkspur: Aaudio imports, Bergmann Audio, Lansche, Stage III Concepts, Ypsilon Electronics
  9. Lupine: CLASSIC AUDIO LOUDSPEAKERS, Atma-Sphere Music Systems, Inc., STAHL~TEK, LLC
  10. Primrose: Audio Limits, FM Acoustics, Venture b.v.b.a., Precision Audio & Video, Weiss Engineering Ltd.

Marriott Short Stack

4th Floor

  1. 400 Dynaudio
  2. 403 Dynaudio
  3. 404 The Sound Organisation
  4. 407 The Sound Organisation
  5. 408 The Sound Organisation
  6. 411 Sonus Veritas, Inc., ProAc USA – Modern Audio
  7. 412 Emotiva Pro
  8. *414 Emotiva Audio
  9. 417 Madisound
  10. 418 highend-electronics, Inc., Voxativ Acoustic Technologies, VALVET
  11. 422 Teresonic LLC, Baetis Audio
  12. *423 Avatar Acoustics, Abbingdon Music Research, Dr. Feickert Analogue, Rosso Fiorentino Loudspeakers
  13. 427 Gingko Audio, DanaCable, Wells Audio
  14. 431 Polk Audio
  15. *433 Playback Designs, Puget Sound Studios, ATR Services, Inc., Evolution Acoustics
  16. 437 George Warren Precision Sound, Dynaudio, Jolida
  17. 438 Audioengine
  18. 441 SVS
  19. 442 Angel City Audio, MG Audio Design, LLC, Melody
  20. *445 Audio Physic, Acoustic Signature, Trigon Elektronik
  21. *446 Robyatt Audio, Miyajima Labs, Tektron-Italia
  22. 449 Coincident Speaker Technology
  23. 450 MUSIC HALL
  24. 453 Aperion Audio
  25. 457 Boulder Amplifiers, Analysis Plus, Vienna Acoustics
  26. 461 MC-music culture technology
  27. 465 Antelope Audio
  28. 469 Fort Collins Audio, HEGEL, Totem Acoustic
  29. 470 Sony Electronics, Fosgate Signature, Clearaudio, Pass Labs, EMM Labs, Mytek
  30. 472 Sony Electronics
  31. 473 Home Audio Sound LLC
  32. 477 Al Stiefel Legacy Room
  33. *478 Audioarts, Inc., ZELLATON GmbH, Nagra – Audio Technology Switzerland, HOLBORNE swiss audio instruments
  34. 481 Pro Audio Ltd., The Funk Firm, Onda Systems, Audio Physic
  35. 482 Channel D Computer Audio, Lynx Studio Technology
  36. 485 Performance Devices / King Sound US
  37. 486 Soundsmith
  38. 489 Vanatoo
  39. *490 Magnepan, Inc
  40. *493 High Water Sound, Pure Sound, Silver Circle Audio, Hørning Hybrid systems, TW-Acustic
  41. 494 Sumiko, WADIA, Audio Research Corporation, Sonus Faber

5th Floor

  1. 501 Rethm Loudspeakers, Swissonor.ch, METRONOME TECHNOLOGIE, Audioarts, Inc.
  2. 502 April Music, Inc
  3. 505 Amarra :: Sonic Studio
  4. 506 Bob Carver LLC, MSB Technology
  5. 509 HDtracks.com, YG Acoustics
  6. 510 Hsu Research
  7. 514 Assistance Audio
  8. *517 Alfred & Partners, ESTELON, Vitus Audio, Silver Circle Audio
  9. 518 Audio SUMMA, HRT-High Resolution Technologies
  10. 521 High Fidelity Services, Neat Acoustics Ltd., SCHEU ANALOG, Zanden Audio North America
  11. 522 Bel Canto Design, Joseph Audio
  12. 525 DEQX Pty Limited
  13. 529 Sanders Sound Systems
  14. 535 GTT Audio & Video, YG Acoustics, Tenor Inc.
  15. 537 GTT Audio & Video, YG Acoustics
  17. 541 Silver Circle Audio, High Fidelity Cables
  18. 542 Austin Hifi Inc., RESOLUTION AUDIO, Crimson Products Ltd., Tocaro Loudspeakers
  19. 545 bsg technologies, llc.
  20. 549 Sonist, Snake River Audio, INCRECABLE Acoustic Lab
  21. *550 UNITED HOME AUDIO, Von Schweikert Audio, Jolida, Inc.
  22. 553 VAC / Valve Amplification Company, Gershman Acoustics
  23. 555 VAC / Valve Amplification Company, Gershman Acoustics
  24. 557 Dupuy Acoustique
  25. 561 JM Reynaud, dist. by Amherst Audio
  26. 565 Your Final System, Von Schweikert Audio
  27. 566 Audio Note U.K.
  28. 570 Analog Domain Audio GmbH, Purist Audio Design, Göbel High End, STAHL~TEK, LLC
  29. 571 TONE Audio, VPI Industries
  30. 573 TONE Audio, VPI Industries
  31. 574 MA Recordings, The Signal Collection, Woo Audio
  32. 577 Vapor Audio, B.M.C. Audio
  33. *578 DeVore Fidelity, Ltd, Eugene Hi-Fi, van den Hul
  35. *582 BorderPatrol Audio Electronics
  36. *586 Volti Audio
  37. *589 High Water Sound, TW-Acustic, Silver Circle Audio, Tron Electric, Cessaro GmbH
  38. *590 Mojo Audio, Volti Audio
  39. *593 Vapor Audio, Arte Forma INC.
  40. *594 Zu Audio

Rooms I need to see

  1. Rogers — nice amps!
  2. Blackbird — Trenner & Friedel/Opera Loudspeakers
  3. Rockport — because it’s Rockport
  4. Triode/Acoustic Zen — always some of the best sound at any show
  5. Light Harmonic — I want to see Gavin Fish in a cravat
  6. Emerald Physics — some new stuff
  7. Bricasti — because I want one
  8. German Physiks — because they’re neat
  9. Sjöfn Hifi — new speakers?
  10. DeHavilland — always interesting
  11. Odyssey — because Klaus is the man
  12. Vaughn Loudspeakers — new stuff
  13. GR Research — brand new speakers and a pile of other new stuff in here too
  14. Daedalus — new speakers!
  15. Nordost — Mainly for the Raidho speakers they show with.
  16. Emotiva — best budget gear around
  17. Avatar — always a fine-sounding room
  18. Evolution Acoustics — new speaker?
  19. Audio Physic — great sounding rooms
  20. Robyatt — especially if he’s got his rebuilt Quad with him
  21. Zellaton — new speaker
  22. Alfred & Partners — Estelon and Vitus? Sing me up
  23. UHA — just because I’m still curious about analog tape
  24. DeVore — new Oragutan!
  25. Border Patrol and Volti — um, yes please, hook it up.
  26. High Water Sound — ditto.
  27. Vapor Sound — I’ve been hearing about these speakers for a while now, need to hear what all the fuss is about
  28. Zu Audio — always a must-stop-and-hear. Can you say, “Druid”?

Okay, so that’s about 4 hours locked up right there. 18 to go. Suggestions are very welcome, and I’ll update the list accordingly.

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Scot started all this back in 2009. He is currently the Publisher here at PTA, the Publisher at The Occasional Magazine, and the Executive Producer at The Occasional Podcast. There are way too many words about him over on the Contributors page.


  1. For Vapour Sound check out the new Joule Black (evolution of the Cirrus, with a cabinet about 60% bigger and addition of the AudioTech 15H SDKAM midrange) and a custom spec’d AudioTech 23I woofer.

    and also try to check out DNM cables if theay are there (UK brand).

  2. Dont forget to expand horizons!

    You need to check out the Trenner &Friedl room (I see you covered that as well as the Rogers amps), The Arion Amps (hybrid especially), Spatial Quantum field cables, Dspeaker Dual Core/Gradient room, Shelby + Kroll speakers, Vapor Sound speakers (especially with the new wood lamination, I hear its a wow), LumenWhite, MC Acoustics cables and ADAM Audio with their Heil tweeters.

  3. Given your comments elsewhere on the Border Patrol 300b, I would love to hear your impression of the Coincident Frankensteins. Another 8 watt SET with guts, and price competitive with the Border Patrol.

    room 449

    • Jaded? No. I mean, not like this. But you have to admit, it’s gonna be tough to hit every room and not miss stuff, skip stuff, or be unfair. Which, if you’ll recall, is what I’ve railed about in the past.

      • YES, and I’m sorry. The morning I read this my back was KILLING me (bulging discs) so I didn’t mean to jab at you. RMAF has grown slowly and steadily (I handle all social media for RMAF) and we’ve been so psyched to see it happen. I will s/w Marjorie about the press day… Lookin forward to seeing you brotha

      • Right back at you, bro. Don’t forget your yoga. And a quickie visit to your chiropractor. Just be aware that when he says to get ready for the “big finish”, it’s not what you think. 😉

  4. why would you post something like this? Faulting RMAF for having another successful show (in terms of bookings thus far) and having alot to do???? I don’t understand. Why the negativity? Even Richard (Beers) proudly announced that there is “plenty of room for all of our shows” and is happy that Marjorie and everybody has worked so hard to keep RMAF going. Personally, I think, if you’re writing about giving up now – why bother? I’m going to have a great time w/ good friend, hear some cool audio, and celebrate this wonderful hobby of ours. Yeah, that sounds terrible. Whats up Scot?

    • Yeah, it seems you might have misread the post. I’ve updated it to make it a bit more clear what I was saying, why, and where I was coming from.

  5. Are you faulting RMAF for only being 3 days long and having alot to do? Get in shape Scot. I’ve been going for years and have never considered this a problem.

    • LOL — aren’t you 15 years younger than me?!?

      Growth isn’t a problem in and of itself. But “growing pains” aren’t outside the norm for such a thing. And as the show expands — and it will because it’s truly awesome — the burdens it places on the average attendee grow. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool if everyone could go to every display and see, hear and interact with the folks at all of them? Well, the more stops available at a show, the harder this gets. Lengthening the show, especially given it’s size, seems not only smart — but inevitable. So, why not?

  6. I am really curious for your findings of the new Avalon Acoustics Compás loudspeaker. it’s been a long time since they introduced a top level speaker, and I wonder what they come up with. They have always followed a different path than the competition who have made great strides the past 3-5 years. I wonder what Avalon’s view is now on music reproduction.
    Anyway, good luck with your schedule, and don’t forget to enjoy your time out there!

  7. 535,537 Bill Parish GTT audio and Joe Kubala of Kubala-Sosna fame, always the most pleasant hosts, have something special up their sleeve (Korg DSD recordings :D)

  8. One in addition to your list: Classic Audio, Atma-Sphere, Stahl-Tek. I’d really like to hear about the Classic Audio speakers, and Atma amps and Stahl-tek digital should be a seriously good combo.

    Very excited about the new Daedalus flagship and the Vapor Sound Joule. A comparison of Daedalus and Living Voice’s OBX-RW for who’s king of high efficiency would be really interesting…

  9. Would be great to hear your impressions of the Hegel H30 stereo amp… Robert Harley says mighty good things… Could be worth adding to the list if you are looking for a reference amp… I’m thinking of pairing it with an ARC Ref5SE.

    On the subject of reference gear a swing by room 490 might also be good if Magnepan are running 20.7s this year… I went from 3.7s to these about 3 months ago… These are the very real, very complete Magnepan deal… Reference… Oh yeah… and a Hegel ARC would make them sing even better.

    Thanks for the coverage as always

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