RMAF 2012: Fingers crossed!

Every October, I get my John Denver on, getting psyched up for my trip to RMAF. RMAF is the mega-mother of all audio shows, at this year’s show promises to be a true monster: 174 rooms full of demo gear! And then there’s all the seminars, live music, parties, and general mayhem. It’s nuts. I’m heading out to CES in January, too, but I don’t see that being as nutty as this show.

I have plans to make it to every room. I know I’m gonna fall short, but who cares, I’ve got plans to make it. My visits will be short and sweet, and I’ll have my fingers crossed that all the other inmates will be on the other end of the hotel when I wing through. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the elevators work. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the electrical systems will be up to the challenge. I’ve got my fingers crossed that setup went well, that everything is there and working, and that there’s good music playing in each and every room, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to give them a second chance.

I’m bringing the camera tool kit. I’ll have two lenses, both with Image Stabilization, as well as a big ass flash. I’ll have a tripod and remote shutter release, on the off chance I’ll have the opportunity to take good follow up photos. I’ll have my computer for editing pics and writing captions. I’ll have music on a stick and an on a disc. I don’t think I have time to bother with LPs, so those will stay home. In fact, I probably won’t have time for discs or sticks, either, but you never know.

At some point, I plan to eat. I plan to write. I plan to upload about 20GB worth of full color pics and hopefully some will not suck. I have plans to hang out every evening, and I fully expect that I may have to bail on all of them in order to get material out. 174 rooms!

My plan is to do a “quick pass” — thanks to Dave Clark @ PFO for that suggestion. Then, I plan to go back and revisit the most awesome rooms. I have my fingers crossed that this will work. At the very least, I’ll have something cursory for most everything — this may work better than simply missing huge chunks of the show because I got waylaid, sidetracked, or looked at my watch, saw “beer-o-thirty”, and headed for the bar.

Look, here’s the deal, folks. RMAF is the audio show of the year. And this year, the kids over there have knocked themselves out putting on an extravaganza. I’m humbled by their efforts and their success so far, and I’m blown away by what they have in store for me, my colleagues, the vendors and all the attendees. I’m nervous — I don’t want to miss a thing! And I’m totally vibrating with excitement! Denver is the place to be — be there or be bored.

Me, I’m leaving. On a jet plane. See ya.


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