RMAF12: A New Legacy?

I snuck into the Legacy Audio demo space very early on Friday, before the doors to the show had opened. Bill Duddleston was talking to some folks about his newest speaker, the Aeris ($16k and up, with options). Music was playing, but not terribly loud (for show conditions), but perfectly adequate to hear great detail, extension and tangible mid-range immediacy, with at least the potential for serious bass. The finish was upscale, with the fascia some kind of coppery thing, with nice wood on the sides/back. The loudspeaker is still an open-baffle design, it’s just that the rear part is sort of fenced-in with a black fabric mesh to keep the dust and fingers out of the electronics jammed up in there. That new tweeter that Bill showed me at CAF was mounted front-and-center, and there’s powered subs to provide the bedrock. A DSP system sorts out the crossovers.

If I were a betting man, I’d say that this is the Legacy loudspeaker to beat. Yes, the Whisper is probably more on certain levels, but what I heard here was something new from Legacy. Color me “intrigued” — intrigued enough that I asked Bill for a review pair.

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  1. Great pictures of the Aeris!
    I’ve been drooling over Legacy Whisper, and I think this is a great middle ground between Focus and Whisper. What a gorgeous finish, and the sound was the best!

  2. I guess this is open baffle, powered woofer, AMT upper mids and tweeter and DSP controlled? Is this Emerald Physics on steroids (minus the wave guided controlled directivity)?

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