RMAF12: Schröder LT, The Beat MagDrive TT, Allnic Audio Labs, Lyra Atlas, Echole Cables

There was a lot to like here. I know I’m supposed to be paying attention to the tonearm, which looks awesome … but did you see those Zu Audio Definitions? Wow. Nice veneer! I have never seen a Zu duded up so nice — it was a little weird! Like seeing Sean Casey in a business suit, that kind of weird, and not something I ever expected to see. I mean, not that he can’t wear a suit or that a Zu speaker couldn’t have a kick-ass veneer, but whatever. All I know is that this was a hot-looking monster and I am (still) rather impressed.

The Beat turntable is still awesome, Schröder still makes the best damned tonearms in the world, and Allnic still makes sweet sounding tubes. Wrap it all up, I’m taking it with me …. Xact Audio really knows how to stuff a room!

The new Schröder has a short write up here at Analog Planet. It’s pretty nifty, but not cheap ($8,900). Love the action on that sucker.

The Beat MagDrive TT from Kodo got a bit of a bump in price since release and is now $26k. Very slick turntable.

An Allnic L-5000 DHT preamp ($19,000) fronted a pair of Coincident 300b monoblocks ($5,900). A $9,500 Lyra Atlas cartridge fed an Allnic H-3000 phonostage ($11,900).

Zu Audio speaker cables and Echole interconnects wired everything together.

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