RMAF12: Totem Acoustics and the Forest Signature

A million years ago, I bought a pair of loudspeakers from an audiophile friend who was upgrading. I didn’t really know the term “audiophile” then, and certainly wouldn’t have considered myself one, but I bought these second-hand speakers and was leveled by what they could do, over what my home-theater rig was doing. Those speakers? Totem Forests.

Fast forward to RMAF12. I found Totem’s Vince Bruzzese showing off the brand new $6,000/pair Forest Signature. What’s new? A brand new glossy finish, new Beak footers, and a newly reworked crossover. A handsome rear metal faceplate add stiffness, binding posts, and bling. The release of the Forest Signature is part of their 25th Anniversary celebration. And yes, they sounded great.

Also on hand — a pair of Totem Element Fire (in black) and Element Ember (in white). All the components were from McIntosh Labs.

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