RMAF12: German Physiks and Vitus Audio

There are a couple of vendors that are doing that 360° sound-field thing. MBL is probably the highest profile, but not necessarily the best nor the most costly. For the latter, unarguably, German Physiks has that honor with their Gaudi Mk II speakers, clocking in at $350k/pair (and way up, depending on finish). Luckily for me and my apoplexy-induced bouts of Tourettes, I found a much more modest $13,500 Unlimited Mk II on display, fronted by a wall of Vitus Audio electronics.

The sound in here was pretty much what I expected, given the confines and set-up — open, with good air and breath. I think the 360° driver is pretty nifty — but I’m gonna want way more time on these to get a handle on their sound. Color me curious — I’ve asked rep Robert Kelly to add me to the queue for review samples as they become available, so we’ll have to see where that goes.

In the meantime, I’m happy to sit and drool on all those Vitus pieces in their white enamel finish. Oh myyy.

The gear was from the “Reference” Line, where “reference” = “entry level”. Quite an entry!

  • RCD-100 CD player:  $ 13,000
  • RS-100 stereo amplifier:  $13,000
  • RL-101 line stage:  $11,000

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  1. Looks like a Transparent PowerIsolator Reference. I wonder how good those are, not much in the way of reviews.

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