RMAF12: Beautiful voices with Veloce!

Veloce Audio makes some very high-end preamps that I’m sure you’ve seen here, but their mono-block amplifiers have been a while en route. Here’s the latest from Vytas Viesulas, the Technical Director at Veloce:

About the amps, the ones we had at RMAF were pre-production, the final amps will have slightly different dimensions but a very similar look.  We are nailing down some details before the final metalwork and boards get ordered, with the attendant delays of machining, etc we expect to ship the first units out right after CES.  We will be showing with Scaena and Kronos in one of the penthouse suites at the Venetian, and we will definitely have the first production units at the show.

All of our products will now be branded under the “Lithio Series” name and all feature LiFe/Lithium-Iron battery technology.  5x cycle life over SLA batteries and much greater sonic performance.

In our room at RMAF:

  • Veloce Audio LS-1 Lithio linstage, $18,000
  • Veloce Audio Saetta Lithio 400W monoblocks, $16,000/pair (retail projection)
  • PS Audio PerfectWave Mk.2 DAC and transport, $3995 each
  • YG Kipod II Signature, price recently reduced to $39,000/pair
  • Kubala-Sosna Emotion cabling

Spectacular workmanship and elegant, powerful sound — this is compelling stuff, made just up the road in eastern Pennsylvania. Love that local thing! More after CES!

Veloce’s Mark Conti and Vytas Viesulas

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