RMAF12: Welcome (back) to the Zu

I tend to think of a Zu Audio demo room as “The Land of Music That I Don’t Recognize”. I want to believe that it’s because I’m old, but unfortunately for that theory, Zu’s Sean Casey and I are the same age. So that just leaves “lame”. Yep. I’m lame. [sigh]. Now that we have that covered ….

Some exciting things have been flowing from Zu Audio of late, have you noticed? The $2,400 coaxial Union came out this past summer, along with the $2,000 Undertone subwoofer system, both following the reintroduction of the big $12,800 Definition (now a Mk IV). A month or so ago, we got the reintroduction of the Druid, a $5,200 Mk V version. And now, there’s more.

Say hello to the Union Cube! Sean told me $1,200 will take ’em home, and yes, this is the Union, minus the tall cabinet. Think “bookshelf” — or anywhere that it’d be inconvenient to stick a Druid, Omen or Superfly. The coaxial driver makes this guy really compact, which is cool — it’s about as big as the driver and that’s it. Many small speakers are harder to drive than their floor standing siblings, but the Cube is 99dB sensitive, so feel free to trot out your little itty-bitty amps.

The Union Cube begins the slide into inaudibility around 70Hz, so if you need more (and you always do, you greedy cretin), well, there’s the Undertone sub … or if you’re feeling frisky, there’s the new Submission. At $4,000, the submission is about the same height as the Definition — in fact, it may well be a Definition cabinet, minus all the front-firing drivers. A pair of these bad boys should suffice for your deep bass needs, whether you’re a home theater enthusiast, a pipe organ fan, or simply have the occasional need to stun small animals or summon sandworms from the other side of Arrakis.

As you can expect, the sound in this room was thunderous, propulsive, alien, and altogether awesome. Just in case you were wondering, it’s true, the Zu guys are having more fun than the rest of us. Clearly.

Just an FYI, Sean tells me that I’m in the schedule to receive a pair of Definitions at or around Thanksgiving. Can’t wait. I’m gonna ask him for a list of LPs, too. Apparently, I need to beef up my library — I don’t want to embarrass his speaker by playing too much “Keith Don’t Go”.

I just saw this video from Audio Head, which is just awesome.

The new Zu Cube
Another new design? Looks like a Superfly cabinet with a Union driver!
Ian Casey, doing time, spinning disks.
First Watt SIT-1 amps running the Zu gear, with some goodies from Peachtree and K&K
Sean Casey, holding up an LP from another band that I’ve never heard of
Queuing up an LP
From the left: Definition, Union, Undertone, Submission

From the left, Sean, Union, Definition
Peachtree Decco with the Union/Undertone combo
The sub driver unit from Definition, Submission

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  1. The prices will be different if you access the website from the US versus outside the US.

  2. When i access the Zu website it says 6500US for the new Druids and 16000US for the new Definitions. Strange…… Patrick

  3. Dear, are you sure about these prices, cause i get different ones (read: more expensive ones) “……..both following the reintroduction of the big $12,800 Definition (now a Mk IV). A month or so ago, we go the reintroduction of the Druid, a $5,200 Mk V……”
    Please advise, patrick

    • There does seem to be some confusion. The $1,200 price I got from Sean, but the website says $1,800 … The other prices I pulled from the website ….

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