RMAF12: Acoustic Zen and Triode Corporation

“Sure things” usually aren’t. Except when they are. Want in? Here you go: if you’re at an audio show, the Acoustic Zen room is going to sound really, really good. It’s a lock.

Anyway, this room was remarkably similar to what I found at THE Show at Newport Beach — a good thing, because that was a great room. Of course, I may have missed it, but they only thing I could readily identify as new was the $2,499 TRV-DAC 1.0 from Triode Corp, which seems to be a DAC-only version of the lovely $3,200 TRV-CD5se (also sitting in the rack).

The sound here was lovely, rich, hugely scaled and immersive. I’m impressed. Again.

I’ve requested some Triode Corp gear from Sany Oropel, the Twin Audio distributor for Triode here in the US. I think he laughed at me, but oh well. I asked. I also asked Robert for a review pair of the $17k Crescendos. He laughed as well. Hmm. Yeah….

Okay, so complete whiff aside, I think the Sylvan diffusors that Santy brought along are just dynamite. I prefer the burled finish on the big Crescendos, but the rosewood (?) here looked very fine. And yes, I’m a fan of the glowing bits from Japan. Nice work and nice prices. Bargain hunters, attack!

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