RMAF12: Antelope and their Rubicon

Somewhere here at RMAF, Antelope was doing their insane live-conversion-from-vinyl demos (can you tell the difference?) that blew me away when I heard it at Newport this past year. I didn’t bother to search them out — I already knew I’d fail. They’re really doing great work.

Dreaming of the Rubicon?

Their Rubicon is getting closer to reality — and still looks wonderfully steam-punk. Pricing is still TBD, as far as I know, but whatever it’s going to be, it’s not going to be inexpensive — targets have it around $40k. [Sigh]. Wish it’d hit a bit lower price-wise when it finally ships, but I think I can comfortably say that for just about everything in audio’s high-end. Oh well. Anyway, if the sound of the final product is anything like what the technology sounds like, broken out into the individual professional/audiophile grade products that it supersedes, this is going to be a mother of a preamp. [drool]

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