RMAF12: TAD evolves

Andrew Jones was showing off the new $29k Evolution One loudspeakers from TAD. Same coincident-style driver as the high-end Reference line, but those use beryllium in both the tweeter and the mid, instead of just the tweeter as here in the Evolution.

TAD electronics was used to drive these loudspeakers. Audience provided the power conditioning.

I only got a chance to poke my head in here, and take some quick pictures, but Mal Kenny had some comments on the room:

The first thing to remember about TAD is that you want to listen to Andrew Jones just about as much as you want to listen to his speakers. The $30k E1 floorstanders were showing better than they had at Newport, and they gave a strong sense that you weren’t giving up too much on the top end from the Compact Reference. The bottom end, on the other hand, was pure TAD. Unless you live in an arena, or you’re confined to a small room, these are probably the TADs to buy. It’s hard to find a foor-foot-tall wall of drivers that integrates that seamlessly. This room was an engineering marvel.

As for the TAD electronics, they offer a solid-state sound signature that, I think, does no favors for the system. I’d be more careful with them. They sound brilliant, but they will require careful matching.

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