RMAF12: Electrocompaniet and Brodmann making me all warm and fuzzy

Next up is a room full of familiar gear from Brodmann Acoustics and Electrocomp. I heard this pairing at RMAF last year, and was quite impressed. The $4,500 Festival S monitors, driven by a pair of Electrocompaniet AW180 monoblocks ($5,425 each), produced a rich, lovely sound that I can happily grow accustomed to.

If you haven’t heard, Brodmann does it a little different — the loudspeakers are voiced, much like a violin or cello are voiced. The floating side panels are actually designed to resonate with the loudspeaker, as part of the sound. This is in sharp contrast with the approach that says that the only thing that ought to vibrate on a loudspeaker cabinet is the driver. Whatever. The sound coming out of these loudspeakers was very seductive. Love to spend more time with Brodmann — that rich warmth makes for a cozy-fireplace-of-sound. Very comfortable.

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