RMAF12: Jolida and VSA — Your Final System?

The optimistically named “Your Final System” (I mean, we are talking about audiophiles here, aren’t we?), an audio dealer with locations in NY and CO, put together a (relatively) affordable room, featuring gear from Jolida and speakers from Von Schweikert. I like Jolida — I think that, on average, they’re high performers for the money and in the process of achieving that cost/performance ratio, they don’t toss aesthetics out the window. I’d need a lot more time with these bits to really get a better handle on what they can do, generally, but that’s true for just about everything. A music server from YFS rounded out the package.

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  1. So, no comments regarding the VSA VR33s? You may as well join the rest of the audio journalists in their disregard for some of the best speakers on the planet..

    • That’s not to say the VR33s are THE best but may very well be at their price point. VSA makes speakers at all price levels and they trounce many of the big boy company offerings. VSA is unfortunately a well kept secret in the audiophile community…pity.

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