RMAF12: Under Analysis for my Panel Madness

I really like big panels — and the $24,400 Omegas (with optional external crossovers) from Analysis Audio certainly qualify as “big”. The challenge, of course, is powering them adequately, where ‘adequately’ = “lots”. Voila, the the $5,500/pair HS-500 monoblock amps from Arion Audio. These feature a Class D design with a tube input/driver stage and are good for a bazillion watts per channel.

One of the newly released VPI turntables, the bigger, dual-tonearm capable $10,000 Classic IV, spun the vinyl, and came tricked out with a Periphery Ring, an external SDS controller and a heavy SS clamp. If you haven’t seen them live-and-in-person, their sheer physicality may be lost, but be assured — this is a robust, elegant player. A 12″ VPI (standard on the Classic 4) tonearm takes pride of place, here, paired with a $14,999 Soundsmith SG-610 Strain Gauge system to pull the tunes from the grooves.

Digital was dual pathed: Sonus Veritas showed their $15,995 Modena DAC along side a $25,000 EMM Labs XDS1 CD/SACD Reference Player for the silver discs. Both were wired into a $2,995 LS-200 preamplifier from Arion Audio. All cabling came from JPS Labs.

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