RMAF12: Mega Speakers from Venture

The second mega-speaker room I ran across, featuring Venture Audio, received some serious forum praise. Honestly, it didn’t leave much of an impact on me, but the Internets were quite aflutter about the new amps from FM Acoustics. All I can say is “wow” — but then, all I’m talking about is the price tag.

Again, I don’t think I’m in that demographic. Oh well.

Venture Audio, FM Acoustics, Weiss Engineering

  • Venture Ultimate Reference loudspeakers ($135,000/pair)
  • FM Acoustics 115 monoblocks ($108,200/pair)
  • FM Acoustics 245 preamp ($25,800)
  • Weiss Jason transport ($22,7070)
  • Weiss Man301 network player ($9,083 — without DAC)
  • Weiss Medea+ FireWire D/A converter ($21,799)

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  1. I love Venture speakers. I wish the lower priced ones would be reviewed though.

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