RMAF12: Mega speakers from YG

While not the full monty version of the Anat, the Studio Signature was far and away the better choice for this particular audio show.

I’ve heard YG now at just about every audio show I’ve ever been to, and I can honestly say that the “house sound” has come a long way toward where I like to be. These Anats were as fast and as detailed as any audiophile could possibly dream and wish for, with strength and precision that rivaled (and in most cases, exceeded) the sound of the speakers costing two and three times as much. This sound may not be the lushest, or the most timbrally rich that I’ve heard, but I know a boatload of audiophiles that would crap their pants to have this sound in their home rigs.

Veloce Audio’s newest linestage, the LS1 “Lithio”, leverages Lithium batteries. Designer Vytas Viesulas told me that the performance lift over the old battery tech was startling, with much faster transient response, power delivery, and overall linearity. I can’t wait to get my hands on one — my palms are sweaty just thinking about it.

Source material was queued up from an Accuphase single-box SACD player — and being an Accuphase owner, myself, I have to say that my taste is just superb. Some of the finest SACD players that have everbeen made.

Okay, that’s all I got  Not a lot, but here’s the list of the party animals in this particular zoo:

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