RMAF12: Standing room only at Emerald Physics

I had serious problems with the Emerald Physics room. Not the sound. Not the gear. Not the affable Underwood Wally running the show. No, my problem was getting in.

In short, I couldn’t.

I stopped by twice. Once on Friday and once on Saturday, and each time, there was standing room only. The pictures I did manage to grab were done by dint of force — I elbowed my way in during a lull, snapped and spun, and was swept back out by the tide of sweaty humanity. It was nuts. I might have had better luck on Sunday, but alas and alack, I was gone by then. For whatever it’s worth, Steven Stone loved it. Happily, many of the 11 launches were previewed at Newport, so I can safely refer you to that coverage as well.

Luckily, I have this handy announcement from Walter Liederman of Emerald Physics regarding the RMAF show demos. Yes, it is kinda silly to simply reprint it, but I wanted to at least have some info attached to the paltry pictures here. Without further ado:

At RMAF 2012, Emerald Physics will introduce 11 new products.

1) CS2P open baffle controlled dispersion loudspeaker. From $2990.00 a pair. Single amp design for users who want hi performance and do not want to bi-amp. The CS2P uses our new EP tweeter & new external upgradable crossover as well as a beautiful new design.

They come standard in dual stage automotive pure black or gray gloss at $2990.00 a pair. A gorgeous Tri-coat Black Shadow Pearl or Tri-coat Gray is a $1200.00 option. CS2P is upgradable w/DSP equalization and eventually to full bi-amplification w/the DSP2.4.

2) Our first three monitor speakers:
a) MS3, Isobaric design w/dual 7” woofers & triple chamber tweeter, $3000/pair; $3600 w/xover
b) MS2, Two way design w/6.5” woofer & triple chamber tweeter, $2000/pr; $2600 w/xover
c) MS1, Two way design with 4.5” woofer & dual Neo fabric dome tweeter, $1200/pair, 2-Stage Black Gloss is standard. Optional Tri-coat hi-gloss finishes available at additional cost.

3) Four power amplifiers:
a) EP100.2SE 125 watt/ch digital amplifier, Special Edition version of the 100.2 $2,200.00
b) EP100.2 100 watt/channel digital amplifier with analog power supply $1600.00
c) EP60.2SE Special Edition version of the 60.2 with internal parts upgrades $1250.00
d) EP60.2 60 watt/channel digital amplifier with analog power supply $900.00

4) Two USB DAC’s for computer audio:
a) DAC1 is a 24 bit/ 96k USB streamer with ESS Sabre DAC $199.00
b) DAC2 is a 24 bit/192k Asynchronous USB with ESS Sabre DAC $299.00

5) DSP2.4, Our first digital Crossover/Equalizer $850.00

Many of the above products will be featured in 2 systems at RMAF 2012:

1) System One is our $4990.00 complete system with CS2P speakers, Emerald 100.2 amp, Emerald Physics DSP2.4 EQ/crossover and Peachtree Audio Nova Preamp/DAC
Retail is $6,540.00

2) System Two is our $6990.00 complete system with our MS3 monitors actively biamplified with our EP100.2SE amp on the woofers & EP60.2SE amp on the tweeters. The system crossover is the new Emerald Physics DSP2.4 EQ/crossover. The preamp/DAC is an Underwood Hifi modified Peachtree Audio Nova. The system comes with a Marantz CD-5004 CD transport. Retail is $9,400.00

Emerald Physics products are Made in the USA

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