Storing LPs?

Found this on AudioCircle this weekend — Lot3f. Tell me this isn’t the hottest LP storage bin you’ve seen? I’m loving this look! I remember all those hours spent flipping around in the Tower Records bins, and the Ikea Expedit isn’t anywhere near as awesome as this.

I’m just starting a remodel of the listening room — that pool table is about to be relo’ed across the room — and these babies from Lot3f simply look better and more robust than the bins from LPBin.

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  1. Very cool LP rack. I would see myself using it for my recently acquired LP’s or LP’s in “heavy rotation”. Looks like LP spin facing up? I recently ran out of space on my Boltz medal racks. Great, sturdy, works, but expensive compared to Ikea Expedit. Skeptically went for the Expedit last week to see for myself. It exceeded my expectations. For less than the price of one shelf from Boltz (180 LPs) I now have a unit that holds a 1,000 +. First piece of Ikea I have owned since College. Expedit is tough to beat for LP storage.

    • Have been happily using the Ikea Expedits for the last few years, 2 25 cube units. Looks good, works beautifully (no sagging), great value for money.

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