On The Road: A Visit To BorderPatrol

What is an audiophile? Good question, but more interestingly, how do you think your friends would answer that question? Okay — don’t answer that [shudder]. Back to you — what’s your mental picture of the stereotypical audiophile? Take a second and fix it in your mind. Got it? Now, pivot your mental camera and point it at his system. What does it look like? I’ll bet you dollars to donuts, it’s a tube system. Probably SET. Paired with a single-driver, high-sensitivity loudspeaker. Why is that? Why is that the image many audiophiles carry — of other audiophiles? Personally, I don’t know. It’s a cult thing, I’m pretty sure. Like it or lump it, but … there is a reason. Backstory I’ve been listening to Gary Dews’ amps at audio shows for a couple of years now, starting with a trip to the Capital Audiofest back in 2010 with my 3 year-old twins (gotta start ’em young). But based on that experience, I came away with an alarming sense that I had just mis-spent a rather large amount of money on other gear. This nagging sense of mis-adventure persisted right up until this past summer, where I cemented that with the early conviction that I’d pretty much fucked … Continue reading On The Road: A Visit To BorderPatrol