On the bench: Peachtree Audio Nova Pre and 220 Amplifier

My first Peachtree Audio piece was a Decco. I think I bought it back in 2008? Whatever. I bought it for my desktop, to run a pair of AKG K701 headphones. It had a DAC, a volume control, a tube, output for speakers (if I ever “went there”), and of course, that head-amp — I figured, what more could I want?

I used that thing almost daily — until I was banished into the basement. That move also meant that I could run my main speakers all the time, which was cool, but it also meant that the Decco didn’t get to do a whole lot anymore. So, I sold it and moved on.

I missed that little bugger.

So, when the Peachtree team launched their separates, with an upgraded DAC and USB system, as well as a new topology and some new amp modules, I was on it. Since I got the pair this past summer, I’ve been running it into a Magnepan Mini System, and have been happy as a clam with the synergies here. David Solomon hinted that the 220 amp, in particular, was “something else” and that I really ought to see what happens when I take to the big Maggies — but that’s another post.

This Peachtree Nova Pre is on my Most Wanted List right now — that price is just crazy for the value that you get. I think the only thing it’s lacking is XLR outputs (odd, since the 220 comes with XLR inputs), but other than that, I have no complaints. Like, at all.

More details soon, but here’s the plan. I’m going to hurt that amp. I’m gonna love on that head-amp. And that DAC will have to chew through ~4.8 million high-resolution files. I’ll be doing some mixing and matching of components, too.

Good times. Stay tuned.


  1. My 220 came just a short time ago. ((: Absolutely delighted with it. Much more open and revealing than my old Rotel. Dynamics and bass are phenominal in comparison to what i’ve experienced in my room. This was not the direction i’d have chosen, but money was tight. However, i’m very glad to have this experience with the 220. Hopefully it gives me many years of enjoyment.

  2. Great! I ordered one yesterday … couldn’t wait. I’ll be shocked if it isn’t an improvement over my old Rotel. At some point, i’d love to gravitate to Ayre or Modwright and be done.

  3. i’m seriously considering adding this 220 amp to my system as my old Rotel amp is getting long in the tooth. Are you happy with the sound of this unit? Any info would be appreciated.


  4. I believe the Nova 125 also has the latest ICE amps and an asymmetrical USB solution, I’d really like to hear a comparison to these separates, and to the W4S mINT?

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