On the bench: Peachtree Audio Nova Pre and 220 Amplifier

My first Peachtree Audio piece was a Decco. I think I bought it back in 2008? Whatever. I bought it for my desktop, to run a pair of AKG K701 headphones. It had a DAC, a volume control, a tube, output for speakers (if I ever “went there”), and of course, that head-amp — I figured, what more could I want?

I used that thing almost daily — until I was banished into the basement. That move also meant that I could run my main speakers all the time, which was cool, but it also meant that the Decco didn’t get to do a whole lot anymore. So, I sold it and moved on.

I missed that little bugger.

So, when the Peachtree team launched their separates, with an upgraded DAC and USB system, as well as a new topology and some new amp modules, I was on it. Since I got the pair this past summer, I’ve been running it into a Magnepan Mini System, and have been happy as a clam with the synergies here. David Solomon hinted that the 220 amp, in particular, was “something else” and that I really ought to see what happens when I take to the big Maggies — but that’s another post.

This Peachtree Nova Pre is on my Most Wanted List right now — that price is just crazy for the value that you get. I think the only thing it’s lacking is XLR outputs (odd, since the 220 comes with XLR inputs), but other than that, I have no complaints. Like, at all.

More details soon, but here’s the plan. I’m going to hurt that amp. I’m gonna love on that head-amp. And that DAC will have to chew through ~4.8 million high-resolution files. I’ll be doing some mixing and matching of components, too.

Good times. Stay tuned.