On the Bench: Fritz Frequencies Rev 5

Okay, I’m going to confess something — I’ve been holding out on you.

Shocker, I know.

It’s just that RMAF kinda bottled stuff up (that was a lot of posts), and I didn’t want to disrupt the flow. But … well, I do have a bunch of new stuff here that I thought I should tell you about.

First up was the Peachtree separates that have been here a little while now. They’re a lot of fun. Another newbie on my bench is this little wonder from Fritz Frequencies: a very pretty Rev 5.

The Rev 5 sports a 5″ Scanspeak Revelator (hence the name) mid/bass driver, paired with a 1″ Scanspeak tweeter, wired with Fritz’ customary series crossover from Acoustic Reality. The bass-reflex cabinets present a tidy little package at only 13″ tall, but they’re deceptively robust — each weighs 25lbs. Bass performance is a respectable 45Hz, with the typical 20KHz treble extension. My demos have a custom curly cherry finish that is quite striking and the entire package looks very posh. I’ve run them with a $27k Vitus Audio SIA-025 integrated, $4k Odyssey Audio monoblocks, a $4k Luxman L-505u integrated, $11k Pass Labs XA-60.5 monos, and an $18k BorderPatrol P20 push-pull 300b amp — all handled the little Rev 5’s with aplomb, and all of them sound lovely and quite distinct. Available directly from Fritz for $2,100, you can color me impressed.

While there are less expensive loudspeakers on the market, I can’t think of any that use this level of parts-quality and combine it with this level of fitment. The sound? I’m still not quite sure how all that comes out of something that small. I could easily and quite happily build a modest system around these guys and be insanely happy.


  1. kirkslade – Why not try a Carbon 7 for that size space? Still less than your budget and the 7″ driver would offer more bass. The Fritz speakers definitely are an amazing bang for the buck.

  2. Those Fritz Rev5’s are gorgeous looking speakers. I would love to hear how they sound with that BorderPatrol 300b!!

  3. That’s a fairly large room, and a lot of smaller monitors will struggle to fill it. I might check with Fritz to see if the Rev5 would work in that space. Something like a Salk SongTower may be a better idea.

  4. I am looking to spend less then $2100 on a pair of speakers. Home theatre 70%, music 30% movies. How would you compare these speakers with my two other finalists? LoreS and the Monitor Audio RX6. The room is 16X28. (Strange mix of speakers. I know)

    • The Lore S are floor standing, and will have a deeper bass response. The Rev 5 will be more articulate and likely more refined — but that last is a bit of a guess as I don’t have a pair here anymore.

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