What I Want For Christmas

Aside from world peace, a cure for all the major human diseases, good health for my loved ones, a visit from the Lotto Fairy, and all that happy horseshit, I have no idea what I want for Christmas. It’s been a pretty good year, overall, and I’m actually happy with how it sorted itself out. I mean, if you’re reading this post, the Earth did not end in a fiery earthquake of death and mayhem, despite predictions to the contrary. That’s something, right?

But merely surviving is hardly any fun at all, now is it?

So, what’s on my wish list ….

1. Listening room #2. This is total decadence, but I’m eying a second space in the house as a place to set up another “listening room”. I’ve got my wife talked into it, too. I just need to move a billiards table and two couches and get the electrician in. And probably an engineer — that post in the middle of the room has really got to go. All that out of the way, and this would be sweet. The space is a bit wider (16″), but just as tall and deep — because it’s the other half of the basement. How I’m suddenly able to expand my space from man-alcove to man-cave has more to do with keeping my shit out of the living room, I’m guessing, but I’ll take what I can get.

2. VPI Traveler. $1,299 for the table and tonearm — I just need to pick out a color. Oh, and a phono preamp. Yeah, one of them. Anyway, this is a mother of a table — the gents over at VPI outdid themselves here — and at this price point, I’m all over it. Bring it on! Yeaaah!

3. Pass Labs XP-30 ($16,500) I’m in dire need of a reference preamp. Passives are working pretty well for now, as I have a sweet pair from Wyred4Sound and Luminous Audio, but an active preamp (with or without tubes) would be spectacular.

4. An Oppo BDP-105 ($1,200). I’ve been meaning to get one of these — together with the VPI Traveler, I think this would be a spectacular front-end to a moderately priced system.

5. CAPS Music Server (~$1,200). This is one of those things that’s been sitting in the background for awhile now. Since that Mojo Music Server came through, I’ve been wondering about upgrading my MacBook (which my wife wants to claim in a big, ugly, way).

And that’s about it — aside from about 500 more LPs and a couple of LP bins to store them in. Ahem.

I’ve got a couple of things on the way that will be pretty fun, too. A new tube amp. And perhaps most unbelievably, a huge new pair of loudspeakers — I can’t believe they’re actually on the way (hee hee)!

I hope you all manage to chill out this holiday season and get some eggnog on. Or whatever. Me, I’ll be listening and writing — I’ve got some new stuff coming out, looking at Volti, Sonus Veritas, Clearwave and more. It’s gonna be fun.

So, here’s to hoping the earth doesn’t decide to shake the human race off like water from the hose. Cheers!