Whaling City Sound

I know you audiophiles are always on the hunt for the new and the interesting audio experience, so I thought I’d mention my cousin (sort of) Neal’s record label. Say hello to Whaling City Sound, a New England-based outfit that covers mostly local artists.

Sound quality is very good, and the music/arrangements are interesting and diverse. Better still, there’s a lot to explore — and yes, there are samples you can listen to!

Whaling City Sound was founded in 1999, to provide the musical audience with a bit of our abundance of outstanding musicians, and in doing so, have the artists heard, seen and enjoyed by a wider audience. From the beginning, we aimed for innovative musicianship, impeccable recording quality, and professional packaging that best reflects the feel of each individual recording. Whaling City Sound is dependent on listeners of all types, from radio and retail, to jazz lovers and fans, and it is because of these people, collectively our audience, that we exist. Since our inception, our recordings have helped garner international recognition for our artists. Purchasing music on a label supports artists’ careers and exposes more artists to you. Please show your support for this label and the exceptional artists.  What it really comes down to is this – if you like the CDs and buy them, we can continue to make more of them of equal or better quality.  Thank you for your time, and enjoy the music.

Anyway, Neal’s been doing this for years as a “labor of love” to support the artists he knows and enjoys. He has a day-job, so this is something of a hobby, but I can’t get over how awesome the music is and how large the catalog. Check ’em out. I love this grass-roots stuff! Happily, they’ve just gotten picked up by Naxos for distribution, so availability will be a bit wider in the near future. In the meantime, you can still order direct.