Girding, T.H.E. Show Las Vegas and CES 2013

I’m still not exactly sure why loins, specifically, would need girding, but I think I may need to get on that pronto. It’s about to get a little hairy.

Monday, I’m off to Vegas. I don’t care how tedious some folks find these events, I love ’em. Excited to see everyone out there!

First up is CES over at the Venetian Hotel. The bulk of the action is over there, and it’s gonna be a zoo. Not like the next-door Convention Center, but a bit of a mess. Why? Because it’s a freakin’ casino. A pretty one, but you’re aware they build those things like rat mazes for a reason, right?

Next is T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas. I’m actually psyched for this one — Richard Beers puts on a nice show. It’s a bit off the path from CES, which should mean it’s a little less hairy. All good, to me, as I’ll be slinging a monster camera rig — with tripod. I’ve tried the little point and shoots, and no matter how good they are, they still suck. So, the Canon 5DIII is still the only way to go.

Of interest, perhaps, is the new Canon Vixia HF G10 I picked up late last year on super-big-discount. Yes, we’re going HD video over here at Part-Time Audiophile. In fact, you can see my early efforts in the Axiom write-up and in the upcoming stuff for Volti Audio and Clearwave Audio. Assuming I don’t lose it, have it stolen, or simply forget to use it, I’ll have some video from the shows to play with.

The plan is to spend Tuesday and Wednesday at CES/the Venetian and Thursday and Friday at T.H.E. Show at the Flamingo Hotel. Oh, and to eat at some damn fine restaurants when I remember to actually do so.

Last thing — I will be “doing” this show a bit different. This isn’t really a consumer-oriented show — at least, CES isn’t — so I’ll be approaching things with a bit more targeted type approach. That is, it’ll be more “What’s New and Why Should I Care?” and less “this is everything I found in the room”. Hope that works for everyone, but honestly, the show is too big to cover any other way.

So, any last-minute requests? What do you want to see?