CES 2013: Alluxity, Light Harmonic and Estelon

AVM-TEC is an audio start-up, fronted by Alexander Vitus (yes, that Vitus), with a couple of prototype products on display. The first, the Alluxity Pre ONE preamplifier (TBD, but ~$8,000), sports a very fancy LCD touch-display, a display that’s shared with the matching Alluxity Power ONE (TBD, but ~$11,000). Neither product are actually available as yet as the brand is still in pre-launch mode, but this was a great showing for the 20-year-old designer. To be perfectly honest, it’s kinda humbling that this kid is putting together gear at this level at this age. Yikes.

Shown with the marvelous Estelon XC ($22,900/pair), which are at least new to me, and that superb-if-crazy-looking Da Vinci DAC from Light Harmonic.