CES 2013: Angel Sound

I’m not really sure what to say about the Angel Sound room, or their … imposing … $160,000/pair flagship P8 loudspeakers. The kids in here were really nice, but … this room was not a triumph of audio glory. The speakers remind me of some kind of cross between a Peep and a dollop of whipped cream — and they’re huge. Certainly conversation starters…. For what it’s worth, the rest of the line is rather more conventional-looking.


  1. Tinker bell, indeed? Someone’s idea of artistic musical whimsy? How soon will these pop up in some mid century archictectual magazine layout? “Poster child” for Chaquita brand banana’s? Sha ka boom boom! I wouldn’t be surprised in a couple of years these speakers would boast refined drivers and the speakers winning 2015 component of the year award? LOL. The cost of admission is already there! Performance potential to be determined?

  2. Is it just my perception of what I read, or is does the CES attract ridiculously priced items?

    • I think CES is, primarily, a showcase — a place for manufacturers to show dealers what’s new and what to expect that year. Since CES is expensive, it’s somewhat not surprising that expensive stuff is what makes the cut. A company that only makes $300 DACs probably wouldn’t show at CES.

  3. Is the design intended to be whimsical, or do these guys claim some audio reason for the shape? I can’t imagine one for the twisting peaks. Maybe they would look better in another color?

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