CES 2013: Yes, the Genesis G2jr will fit through your door

Let me get it out of the way, right off the bat — I loved the sound in this room, and it was an easy candidate for Best in Show. Ska-doosh. Bass was enveloping and quite seriously took my breath away. The imaging and sound stage were faultless, but I did wonder if they wouldn’t have been better served by a larger room — this speaker is worth the space.

More info on Gary Koh’s $80,000/pair Genesis G2jr:

With a 48-inch midrange, 15 tweeters, two 12-inch woofers and 1000W built in servo-bass, the room is going to be barely large enough … and might even be just a little too small. I’m always advocating the appropriate sized speaker for any room, and in this case, I’m going to bend my own rules a little … but thankfully we can turn the bass gain down (from Gary Koh on What’s Best Forum).

Power came courtesy of a stereo Bravo amplifier from Viola Labs (the second chassis is the power supply!), here matched with the Crescendo pre. A Burmester PH100 (prices start at $17,995) fed from the monstrous (~$75,000) TechDas Air Force ONE turntable, reviewed here in some detail by media partner AVShowrooms.


  1. Fyi The Viola Bravo is a Stereo Amplifier Class A/B with a separate power supply . Hence the 2 Chassis , thanks for the kind words

  2. ..just notice the LP: “Touch” by Yello. Interesting choice to demo such an expensive system…track “Kiss in Blue” perhaps?

      • They did? Maybe they are ‘music lovers?’ as opposed to being test track record demo oriented!? Yello is sonically very cool. Lyrically challenged, but sonic sound affects and recording technologies are pretty spot on, IMHO.

    • Lyrically challenged? How can you say that Yello is lyrically challenged. Oh Yeah! We are definitely music lovers – and we played both albums of Touch Yello….. and lots of other non-audiophile test track records as well. Check out the What’s Best Forum link in the report and you’ll see some of the albums we brought.

      Thanks, Scott for the great report. It’s greatly appreciated.

      • Oh yeah! hehe … perhaps not totally lyrically challenged, but some lyrical content sounds dated? Re: Yello’s Touch combo cd/dvd “Out of Dawn” the lyrics ‘wreak’ of 80’s disco, the word rhyming aspect of it specifically. But, alas, track #2 “You better Hide” is beautiful lyrically and musically & (drum roll please) sonically! All in fun. I will check out the What’s best forum link. It’s new to me. I’m always interested in the music brought along to demo. I’d love to hear the Genesis line sometime as well. Are there any dealers on the eastern seaboard? Betwixt NYC to maybe Georgia? I’m currently in the nations capital, Wash DC.

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