CES 2013: Yes, the Genesis G2jr will fit through your door

Let me get it out of the way, right off the bat — I loved the sound in this room, and it was an easy candidate for Best in Show. Ska-doosh. Bass was enveloping and quite seriously took my breath away. The imaging and sound stage were faultless, but I did wonder if they wouldn’t have been better served by a larger room — this speaker is worth the space.

More info on Gary Koh’s $80,000/pair Genesis G2jr:

With a 48-inch midrange, 15 tweeters, two 12-inch woofers and 1000W built in servo-bass, the room is going to be barely large enough … and might even be just a little too small. I’m always advocating the appropriate sized speaker for any room, and in this case, I’m going to bend my own rules a little … but thankfully we can turn the bass gain down (from Gary Koh on What’s Best Forum).

Power came courtesy of a stereo Bravo amplifier from Viola Labs (the second chassis is the power supply!), here matched with the Crescendo pre. A Burmester PH100 (prices start at $17,995) fed from the monstrous (~$75,000) TechDas Air Force ONE turntable, reviewed here in some detail by media partner AVShowrooms.