CES 2013: Gato Audio

Gato Audio showed some of the most visually striking gear at CES this year — and yes, I mean that in a good way. Shown with the monster Aerial 20T loudspeakers (wow!), the $8,000 AMP-150 integrated is good for 150wpc into 8ohms and 250wpc into 4. SNR is over 100db. 1 pair of XLR ins and 4 pairs of RCA ins round out the package.

The matching CDD-1 (also $8,000), a DAC/CD player, includes external inputs for a direct connection to its DAC circuitry, including support for 24bit files and up to 192kHz sampling over asynchronous USB or coax. No word on DSD, but the player doesn’t support SACD, so I wouldn’t expect it here.

I was quite taken with the look of this brand — if this is what “lifestyle styling” can be, I want it. Oh yes, yes indeedy I do. And yes, for those keeping track — the sound quality coming out of the big Aerials was very good.

Gato Audio also manufactures a stand-mount, called the FM-2, and floor-standing loudspeaker, called the FM-6, neither of which I got to hear at the show.


  1. How is it that a guy with the words “part time” in his blog title consistently manages better coverage of these shows than every other audio site?

    Thanks for your efforts (and photos). BZ.

    • Aww, shucks. Not to deflect the praise, but Stereophile has really upped their game over the last few shows. I just wish I could marshal some minions, too.

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