CES 2013: YG

Techno tour-de-force? Maybe so. The new Sonja 1.3 loudspeakers from YG Acoustics are certainly that. Offered at $106,800, the Sonja is carved from a solid block of aluminum. Okay, maybe not, but you’d be surprised at how close to true that statement is. Check out media partner A/V Showrooms’ trip report to see more of how these monsters come into being. Anyway, the new speakers are fully passive and completely time-aligned — they’re also wickedly fast and can paint a 3-D image with a breathtaking level of detail. They’re amazing.

That said … and I almost hate to say it … but I think I was the only one at CES that wasn’t absolutely mesmerized by the demo [ducking]. My “issue” reminds me of the giant Wilson Audio speakers, too — you know, the ones that seem like they’re looming over you, like a wave about to smash you to tiny little audio bits. There’s a reason for the shape, and I get that, but sitting right there in the sweet spot, front row and center in that not-huge suite in the Venetian, I was … well, I was overwhelmed and not lulled, and I had to get up and move … back. Unfortunately, this room didn’t really have that option. I’d love to hear these speakers when the setup lends itself to a more natural seating arrangement. Still, very promising, and as a super-speaker, YG really does seem intent on staking out a claim to be a very viable alternative to certain other mega-speaker manufacturers.

Shown here with some spectacular-looking Momentum mono amps from D’Agostino ($55k/pair), a Veloce Audio LS-1 Linestage preamp ($18k), and a full dCS Scarlatti system ($80k). $85,000 (!!!) of Kubala-Sosna Elation! cables wired everything together.


  1. I heard these amps at RMAF 2011, if I remember correctly. I don’t remember the speakers. I sat down as the person showing the system was changing tracks. A couple of notes into the demo I jumped from my seat and left the room thinking that I was going to get hearing damage. The volume was one issue but the sound was so metallic and painful. Dan was sitting right outside the room and I kick myself for not saying something to him about it.

  2. I heard these amps driving a pair of Wilson Sashas at the 2012 RMAF. I was actually sitting beside Dan and his wife…the only ones in the room save for one other chap who will go unnamed. The sound was stunningly dreadful. My ears bled. I don’t know if was the metal tweeters or the amps but it was a very unpleasant experience. Sitting beside the D’Agostinos all I could do was smile and nod…and leave post haste..

    • Hahahahaha!!! … I’m not the only one! The mental pic of that experience is hilarious! I was there too, (I’m not the unnamed bloke). I’ve heard the amp on enough occasions to ask, “What’s the big deal w/ Dan’s amps?”

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