CES 2013: GoldenEar’s new Triton

$1,400/pair. That’s what a pair of GoldenEar Triton Seven loudspeakers will cost you. Drivers are set in a D’Appolito array around a “High Velocity Folded Ribbon” (their description sounds a lot like AMT — not a bad thing). A pair of passive radiators are mounted at the bass of each cabinet.

More specs:

  • Size: 40″ h x 11″ d x 6″ w
  • Weight: 31lbs
  • Nominal impedance: 8ohms
  • Sensitivity: 89dB
  • Frequency Response: 29Hz – 25kHz

Driven here by a pair of Pass Labs XA60.5 monoblock amps, fronted by an Audio Research Reference CD8 and an Audio Research Reference 5SE preamp.

Not to be short, but I thought this room sounded surprisingly good. The loudspeakers fit the room well, and provided believable and articulate low-bass, and threw in a very healthy dose of imaging. Sometimes, it isn’t the blingy audiophile widgets and bits, it’s the design that shines. Case in point is this GoldenEar. Impressive.


  1. I’ve traditionally shown my feature speakers at CES with this kind of gear. We also had a PeachTree Deco 65 which also sounded excellent. GoldenEar is available in Australia through Kedcorp. The Sevens will not be available until summer.

  2. GoldenEar driven by Emotiva or Odyssey makes a lot of sense. I’ve heard both, not with these speakers, and for the money you can’t beat either..

  3. Rather echoing what Charles said, but would add that $20,000+ to show off a $1,400 speaker really makes me wonder about the real world quality of the speaker, i.e., how do they sound with more likely partners.

  4. I’d imagine the target audience for these would be front left and right channel in the home theatre set-up but with a firm view towards being able to cater to the hi fi crowd. This would definitely be on my list if I could find a stockist in Sydney so I can lay my eyes on them. Affordable and high performing, not to mention practical at just 31lb a piece.

    Alas, I’m probably going to settle for Q Acoustics 2050i’s as they’re available in Sydney and come in gloss white which suits the décor

      • People who spend $1400 for a pair of these would really spend over 20K for the electronics. What would you suggest in the same price range for associated electronics?

      • Dunno. Exposure and NAD have some fine-sounding gear in that price range, though.

      • The GoldenEar products are so highly resolving, yet affordable, that dealers often pair them with mass market receivers and some people auditioning them walk away underwhelmed. Paired with serious electronics shows that GoldenEars can truly run with the big dogs. Fortunately there *are* some great, affordable electronics out there now. I heard the Aon 3’s powered by a Peachtree iDecco and it was fabulous. My favorite affordable amp is the Marantz PM8004, list priced at $999. I heard it powering a pair of $10K Sonus Faber Cremona M’s and the combination sounded fabulous and completely fleshed out. A PM 8004 driving Aon 3’s or Triton Sevens would *kill*!

    • Emotiva Amps Sound like $10k Amps , Just buy Emotiva , its a new Age of audiophiles , they realize that the economy is bad and that we are smart enough to know that most of this stuff is way way over prices and profits are to high for them , but if they lower the price they will sell more and end up making a bigger profit.

  5. Audio is heading in two entirely different directions; both toward extremes. This is the extreme I find most interesting.

    • Until the industry can reliably crank out great-sounding, furniture-grade gear, for well under $500 per component, I think the entry level is still missing the mark.

      • At least one facet of manufacturing is moving is moving toward affordable, and great sounding gear.

      • The problem with your premise is that making a furniture grade speaker doubles the price. If the Triton Seven had real wood hand-finished veneer, it would cost closer to $3K. I used to work at a piano restoration shop, and when restoring a vintage grand piano, refinishing the case (without repairs) accounted for half the restoration cost.

      • to johnnyb53… monitor audio RX-8’s are made of real veneers and are in this price category. granted the RX-6 are NOT!.

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