CES 2013: Mola Mola

The products that Mola Mola is bringing to market are based on a new Class D amplifier technology called “Ncore”, as designed by Mola Mola founder Bruno Putzeys. Bruno claims that the design “runs rings around linear amplifiers of any description” — some tough words, don’t you think? The goal is a design that brings lower distortion, lower noise and lower output impedance that combine to create “no sonic signature at all — just music, glorious music”.

The Mola Mola Power Amplifier is rated at 400wpc into 8ohms, 700wpc into 4 and 1200wpc into 2ohms, where it is said to be stable. Distortion, at all output levels, is an eye-popping <.003%. SNR (unweighted) is 128dB, and gain is 28dB. Input impedance is a happy 100kOhms — and with a damping factor of 4,000 with an output impedance of .002ohms, I’m thinking “unruly speaker beware”. Very interesting specs — I just wish the aesthetic was a bit more visually suggestive than a simple box with a wavy top, especially when the asking price is $15k/pair.

The offering will be rounded out by a matching, and therefore rather bland, Mola Mola Preamplifier, which has optional an DAC and optional phono stage. Price for the base model is $10k — no word on the cost for the extra modules.

I had a chance to hear the Mola Mola gear driving a pair of Vivid G3 Giya ($40,000/pair), but the room was awash in wine and conversation, so I have no idea how they actually sound. Speaking of which, I’d be very happy to try them out on my Magnepan 3.7s — a speaker that I think they’d be just brilliant with.

Mola Mola is distributed by On A Higher Note. Mola Mola’s website is still under development.