CES 2013: Resolution Audio

There are a few — a precious few — audio companies investing in their aesthetic as part of their appeal. Given how much high-end audio components cost, as a rule, I have zero issues with those bits of jewelry actually looking the part. Which is (one reason, at least) why Resolution Audio is fun — their kit is sooooo nice looking ….

It’s been a mission of mine to find some of this gear in the wild and finally — finally — show why I think it’s just so delightfully bling. CES was, happily, a box-checker. I love it when I can get my OCD to let something go. Yes, I’m exaggerating. I never let anything go.

Honestly, I can’t find a lot more online and the handouts at the show were a little thin on detail. What I did learn is that the Cantata Music Center is now a 2.0 product. Priced at $6,495, the Music Center is actually a DAC, not a server (in case you were wondering), but it does support some upgraded features with the new revision:

  • UPnP gapless FLAC playback up to 24/192kHz
  • USB up to 192kHz/24-bit using asynchronous mode

The unit also still supports:

  • Ethernet for network playback
  • Digital S/PDIF inputs (AES/EBU, RCA, Toslink)
  • XLR and RCA outputs, fixed or variable
  • Cantata app allows for remote control via iPad/iPhone/iPod
  • Slot-loading compact disc drive

The Cantata C50 Amplifier also gets a 2.0 revision. This $4,495 integrated amp is good for 50wpc, and v2.0 includes an improved PSU and “upgraded four-terminal T-network capacitors achieving even more impressive performance, more resolution and detail while maintaining musicality and flow.”

Owners of v1 gear can upgrade their older units for a modest fee.


  1. I’m all for cool looking gear (and these products surely are COOL looking) but tell us how the sound in the room was 🙂

    • Some of these rooms were only on static display, some were so jammed with people it was impossible to listen, some were just “not good”. When it was good, I mentioned it. When it wasn’t ….

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