CES 2013: Acoustic Zen and Triode Corp

Acoustic Zen‘s Robert Lee, shown here adjusting the volume after loading another CD, makes the most incredible sounding rooms at audio shows. For the last several shows, he’s been carting around the same kit, more or less, so it was comforting to see and hear it here at CES — it was like a level-set, for me, and a barometer by which to judge other rooms. While this room here was not the best I’ve heard it, it was one of the best on display at the Venetian. Said another way, it was one of my favorite rooms here and a contender for Best in Show. Again.

Robert brought yet another pair of his Crescendo loudspeakers, this time in a much more mainstream finish — I told him that I kinda missed the burled wood finish he usually showed with. Robert laughed and shrugged, “you have good taste”, thereby suggesting, perhaps, that there are many who prefer a much less … ah … dynamic look. Bah!

Shown here with new bits from Triode Corporation, a pair of TRX-M300 Reference monoblock SET amplifiers ($14,000). Based on the 300b tube, their 60lbs (each) of SET goodness delivers the expected  8wpc. The enormous TRX-M845SE monoblock amplifier ($22,500) were also on display and used at various times throughout the weekend.


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