CES 2013: Constellation Audio

Constellation Audio brought a pair of Magico Q7 loudspeakers to demo their new gear at CES, so I suppose you could say that no matter what happened, this was going to be a popular room. And so it was … each of my three times through the room only got me to the edge of the crowd. Getting to the sweet spot required me forcibly removing someone, but I did it, and too bad. Ha! Anyway, the long and short — I think the Q5 might have been a bitter fit for the room. Maybe?

Constellation has some of the hottest looking gear currently being made in today’s high-end, with visually entrancing subtleties to the textures and surfaces that I want to touch almost as much as I want to hear. Shown here with a suite of Centaur amplifiers ($28k each in stereo, $56k/pair in mono), bi-amping the Q7s took a stereo amp up top and a pair of monos for the down-below. Fronted by the brand-new Virgo II preamplifier ($24k) that features an all-new power supply and isolation system; visually, it’s still of a piece with the rest of the Performance Series. A Cygnus Digital file Player / DAC ($24k) fed the system.

Lovelovelove this line of gear. Wish they’d let me review a pair, but alas and alack, it doesn’t look like this will ever happen (though they were very nice about the brush off …). 😉