CES 2013: Joseph Audio, Bel Canto and VPI

By some measures, the Joseph Audio/Bel Canto/VPI room at the Venetian was one of the more modest on display. The most expensive element, by far, was the $28k Pearl 3 loudspeakers from Joseph Audio.

I’ve already written about how wonderful they are, so suffice it to say that they sounded better here at CES. At the risk of being boringly repetitious, you’re gonna need to spend a lot more to do better than this.

The room was a mirror of what I heard at RMAF, down to the Soundsmith Hyperion cartridge on the VPI Classic 3 turntable, so hit that link for the details.

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  1. Imagine these speakers with VAC/Lamm/CAT amplifiers and dCS Vivaldi/MSBplatinum/EmmLabs top of the line sources. They put in shame the mega-megabucks 6 figures speakers….

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