CES 2013: D’Agostino

I think you’d have to fallen asleep in a faerie circle to have missed Dan D’Agostino‘s return to high-end audio. The Momentum Series amplifiers are, arguably, one of the best-looking currently on offer — chromed steel and polished copper, with a precision-chronograph displays and buttons, this is a hard aesthetic to match, must less beat. Personally? I’m lusting hard for this gear. Wow-eee.

The Momentum Preamplifier, shown here, will retail for $32k. It features six inputs and dual outputs, all balanced (and balanced only). The ring around the center dial is a precision volume control (neat!) and the whole of it feels like jewelry. Gorgeous stuff.

Like the Momentum amplifiers, the preamplifier uses complementary balanced circuit topology for maximum bandwidth and low noise. Its audio circuitry is fully discrete, with no op amps. Zero-feedback design assures the most musical sound quality. Volume adjustment is made through a resistor ladder governed by an optical controller—the cleanest, most transparent possible method of controlling volume.

A 300 VA power supply in a separate chassis isolates the preamp’s sensitive circuitry from electromagnetic interference and noise. Separate supplies power audio and control circuitry, so the control circuits are completely isolated from the audio circuits.