CES 2013: Verity and Lamm

One of the last rooms on my jaunts through the Venetian was to hear the Lamm/Verity pairing. The Lamm ML2.2 monos ($37k/pair) are regarded as, perhaps, one of the finest sounding SET amps on the market today — and yes, there are two (hotter-than-hell) 63CC-B tubes in there, one of which is the voltage regulator. As to the best-of-the-best claim, I can’t even speculate, but I am curious and 18wpc is a very interesting number to hit in a tube amp. Insert drool here.

The story here at CES was the big Verity Lohengrin IIS loudspeakers ($110,000/pair). A brand new crossover and a new integrated plinth that acts as an acoustic isolator and bass resonator. Two pairs of the Lamm ML2.2s were used to biamp these great big monsters.

Sound here was challenging in much the way it was for the other mega speakers in the bass-devouring Venetian Hotel (why do they show here, again?), but the “everything else” coming through was pretty, elegant, detailed and everything an audiophile could want. Love to hear these in a venue that would allow them to really sing.

Shown here with the Air Force One turntable (~$70k). AV Showrooms has a good, long look at the table, so I’ll simply reference it here (see below). This was the second room I found one in (the other one being the sweet-sounding Genesis Audio room), so I know there are at least two of these in existence. I’m a bit non-plussed by the aesthetic on this ‘table, but it does have some fancy features like an air bearing and a vacuum hold-down. Given the enthusiasm the reviewers I’ve talked to have for the it, I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of these at future shows.

New isolator/resonator plinth in the Lohengrin IIS
Nice finish!
Bi-amping means 2 pairs of the Lamm ML2.2 amps needed!