What’s new at The Abso!ute Sound? Me!

If I was being honest with myself, I’d have to say that I’m not particularly witty or clever. I’m only a fair-to-middlin’ writer, if you call what I do here “writing” — and most folks don’t. Ahem. Anyway, when I got the note from Robert Harley, the editor of The Absolute Sound, asking if I’d like to join the team as a contributor, I was pretty much convinced that I was being punked. “Hello … it’s TAS calling ….” Yeah, was not expecting that … but my hope is that perhaps I can be forgiven if my first reaction was: “bullshit!”

Yep, there’s my self-esteem for you, in action. No, seriously though — TAS is huge, and they’ve been around forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but they are going to be celebrating 40 years of print in a couple of months, so it might as well have been forever.

Anyway, so after a day of “no way”, I got a chance to chat with Mr Editor, and suffice it to say that either the gent on the phone was a brilliant impostor or that I am now a writer for TAS. Either way, it’s been a fun week and I can’t express how flabbergasted — and flattered — I am. My first assignment will be an interesting one (well, I think it’s interesting): I’ll be writing a multi-part column around system building. I have this pair of loudspeakers, you see, and not a lot to pair with them …. I’ll also be pitching in on the odd audio show and, of course, writing reviews.

This site will remain, and continue, to be an outlet for my nervous energy and I plan to keep plugging away in this little corner until my fingers fall off. I suppose it’s possible that someday, someone will buy me up and send me on my way, but until then — or the Lotto Fairy or that dude on the pale horse shows up — I’ll be here.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Keep an eye out for me?