Las Vegas 2013: Playback Designs

Playback Designs showcased a brand new product at T.H.E. Show this year — say hello to the IPS-3, a $13,000 “Integrated Playback System”. The IPS-3 is an integrated amplifier with an internal double-DSD-capable DAC, so in theory, it consists of just about everything you’d need — aside from music, speakers and some cables. Seven inputs (three analog, four digital) round out the package.

The chassis looks shockingly like a 3-series Playback Designs product — I say “shockingly” because it’s not entirely clear how they jammed everything in there. The DAC is, essentially, an MPD-3. The input section is entirely analog — no A-to-D conversions here — as is the volume control. The output is Class A/B, conservatively rated at 130wpc into 8ohms, doubling into 4 ohms. Yeah. Holy crap.

Availability is “Summer”.

Shown here with Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne Loudspeakers ($2,500/pair) along the long wall, the room was standing-room only on my way through. Judging by the enthusiasm of the crowd, Playback may have another monster on their hands. Those little Evolutions where hopping.

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  1. Thanks for the nice report, just a little thing: The amp is pure class-B.
    Cheers, Bert Gerlach, finitus GmbH
    (analog developer for Playback Designs)

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