Las Vegas 2013: Increcable and Sonist

Increcable had a pair of Sonist Concerto 4 ($5,895/pair) loudspeakers, one of my favorite (and reasonably priced) high-sensitivity loudspeakers, and were running them rather ably with their new iAMP TIA-280 integrated amplifier ($5,500). The TIA-280 uses a quartet of KT120 output tubes to generate 80wpc.

  • Hand wired point to point Class A,
  • Class A Triode front end Output circuit
  • Ultralinear or Triode switchable for specified models
  • Wide Frequency Response / Low Distortion Tertiary custom output transformers
  • 3 potted transformers to reduce transformer noise
  • Japan ALPSBlue ALPS volume pot
  • Solen/SCR, M-Cap or Jensen Hi Fi quality audio capacitors
  • Silver plated PTFE audio cable
  • Double silver plated, double rhodium plated DCT Input & speaker terminals
  • DCT IEC power input
  • High technology soldering process with LEAD-FREE 2% SILVER SOLDER ensures consistency
  • Three line inputs

Their $800 iSupply IPC-6 fed the power. Some features of the all-metal enclosed distribution system:

  • Polarizing Filter PZT: is designed to work from 10k Hz upward which is the frequency band that affects the sound and video quality. PZT filter can reduce 95% of total noise in AC line.
  • Zero Cross Filter OXF: each duplex has the special filter circuit to reduce the interference generated by equipment plugged into duplexes from one duplex to other duplex, ensure the purity and cleanness of AC line delivered to equipment.
  • Star Wiring Technology: is special technique which totally separates the wiring to each duplex. This will reduce the crosstalk between duplex and increase maximum current delivered to the equipment.

I thought the sound in this room was very good, and the showing better than what I heard at RMAF with similar gear. Not on par with the very best, but that had more to do with the seriously high-level of play going on here at the Venetian, but whatever. This room was certainly one of the least expensive of the bunch.