Las Vegas 2013: KR Audio and King Sound

Great big tubes in amps from KR Audio? What a surprise. Say hello to the new DXL! Priced at $33,500/pair, these new Kronzilla amps use the $2,500/matched pair T-1610 tubes from KR Audio. These things are huge and are big enough scare small children and TSA guards alike. Wow. The amps are rated for 140wpc, and in something of a departure, are a Class-A push-pull zero-feedback design.

Shown here with the King Sound King Prince II loudspeakers, the big ESL panels were fast, lively and vivid. Pretty much what I had hoped and expected. Bass performance was arresting, and I remember grinning.

An ExaSound e20 DAC ($2,500) was paired with an iFi Audio iUSBPower to bring the tunes while I was in the room — the big Feickert table sat sadly idle.

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