For Gary Dodd

Got this note today from Bill Campanale about Gary Dodd. I’ve been following the thread on Audio Circle, so when he asked me for a hand, I promptly face-palmed myself. Duh. Anyway, if you have the means and the interest, please consider lending a hand.

Hi Scot,

I’m not sure if or how familiar you may be with Dodd Audio, but Gary Dodd is having serious health issues. He reached out to the audio community on Audio Circle two weeks ago (see link here — registration required) to ask for help.

I sent Gary a personal check to put towards his medical expenses, but his story reached me so deeply that I felt I needed to do more. I set up a fund raising page on a website called “GoFundMe” in hopes of getting more exposure.

I have circulated the “GoFundMe” page on Facebook, Audio Circle, Audio Nervosa and Audio Asylum. It has been very successful, but in the last two days the donations have come to a halt.

If there’s any way you can “spread the word” by posting this info on your website (or by any other means for that matter) it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

-Bill Campanale