1. The Montreal and Toronto shows are identical in many ways. The Montreal show has more passion, and Verity. I have been to many Montreal shows and both Toronto shows(No Verity). I have also been to the last two Capital Audiofest shows. The Vendors are very informative there.I recommend going to shows that you have never been to or have not been in a while. Either way your coverage is great.

  2. From an exhibitor perspective, new to non-US shows – we’ve been told that Munich is crucial if we’re to increase our global presence. Based on anecdotes we’ve gathered recently Munich is less about actually achieving good sound in the “room” as apparently that is not easily done in the main convention center – and more about being there, making the brand known and doing business. We’re excited to go, and we’ve already gotten a few great partnerships for our presence there. Newport crucial for us here in the US/West Coast. For reviews, etc.

  3. I voted for shows i am not going to be able to make it too. I would say if you had to pick one on your list it would be Munich. Seems to be the dominant show in Europe now and there is most likely a lot we either haven’t seen yet or may never see over here. I enjoy reading coverage of these type of products instead of just reading about Magico, Wilson, VAC all the time.

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