Free Shirt?

Yes — your free Part-Time Audiophile schwag is here. While it doesn’t precisely have your name on it, this fancy new shirt does have a swanky look.

What do you need to do, you ask?

1. “Like” the Part-Time Audiophile Facebook page

2. “Like” this post (about the Free Shirt).

3. Enter an inane, contentious, or otherwise absurd comment on that post.

And that’s it … I’ll choose a winner from that list of comments … announcements will be made on March 1st!


  1. Scot, I love your Tees…..if you want true thinker to care…….oh well, get more ink on them buddy. As I have told you I just repurchased my favorite from you. No more, they last for about 14 washings and they are tripe. Just a word buddy:)

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