The HiFi Wigwam Show 2013

Stuart Smith at HiFi Pig, our overseas “affiliate”, has reported back on the HiFi Wigwam Show, in Melton Mowbray at The Scalford Hall Hotel.

This is an unusual show — all the demo systems are, apparently, privately owned. Audio, by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. I don’t know of another show quite like it.

Many thanks to Stuart and the Pig!

Head on over to HiFi Pig for more coverage of the show!


  1. Those Snells take me back 25 years, sold them in the 80s at Excalibur.

  2. Wow…4th pic is of the venerable Snell Type A Improved…memories!

  3. A show populated with private owners, demoing their systems!?
    “Ain’t that a kick in the head!” … Wasn’t that the original idea for RMAF?

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